Blockchain Training Course Overview

TechmarsGlobal offers you the best classroom Blockchain training courses. The exclusively designed Blockchain training course is designed by Blockchain experts with real-time scenarios.

What is the Blockchain Training Course?

A chain of blocks that keeps records of all cryptocurrency transactions is known as blockchain. This technology invented in 2008, got popularized due to Bitcoin and is now everywhere. It is an accounting method for virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain course training is a way to learn concepts of Blockchain technology. This course includes structure, mechanism, advantages, applications of Blockchain technology. This course will lead you to become a pro in concepts like cryptocurrency, cryptography, Bitcoin Mining, Hyperledger, Ethereum and many more.

Why should you join the Blockchain Training Course?

Blockchain development is now the hottest skill in the freelance job market, growing more than 6,000% since this time last year and putting it on pace to be the new “cloud” of the 21st Century, according to a new report.
Freelance employment website Upwork released its latest quarterly index of the 20 hottest job skills, which shows that job postings for workers with blockchain skills have grown exponentially this year.
Average yearly salary for “Blockchain Developer” ranges from $85k for Application Developer to $115k for Senior Software Engineer as per
According to the World Economic Forum, 18% of the world’s GDP will be on Blockchain related technologies by 2025

Blockchain Training Course Objective

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Make you understand what is Blockchain technology, its structure and mechanism.

Apply Bitcoin and Blockchain concepts in business situations

Provide knowledge of Bitcoins including what is it and how it works.

Introduction to Bitcoin Mining

Give your knowledge about Ethereum Blockchain.

Setting up a private Blockchain environment using Ethereum Blockchain.

Design, test and deploy secure Smart Contracts.

Help you develop private Blockchain in Multichain.

Setting up a development environment with Hyperledger composer.